About Campy Only

Campy Only began in the early days of the WWW (remember dialup modems running at 2400 baud?). At that time, Campy Only existed as a page on my personal web site, but it quickly took over an became a full-fledged web site of its own.

Campy Only has remained a labor of love for the past 17 years, growing to include an expanded timeline of Campagnolo history, photos of readers' bikes, rumors and info about Campagnolo, and a bunch of stuff related to a Campy-equipped cycling lifestyle.

If you've only ever visited our blog, we invite you to check out Campy Only ... and to visit the web sites of our sponsors, who all share our passion for the best in cycling.

Thanks for visiting the Campy Only blog! See you on the web.

--Eric Norris, the CampyOnlyGuy

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