Thursday, December 29, 2011

Riding EPS Electronic: Nice, and It Works Manually, Too

England's online magazine published a story describing their first road test of the new EPS system, and their review is generally positive. They report good shifting, including a nifty feature that aligns the front derailleur when you shift gears on the cassette. Cons include high cost and a slight weight penalty.

They didn't mention the fact that electronic shifting relies on batteries, which run down. However, the article notes,

"... if the worst happens and you do manage to break it out on the road, you can manually put it into the gear you want and it’ll stay put."

Manual shifting. What a concept. And of course, if your dead battery forces you into manual mode, you'll need to stop and get off the bike every time you want to shift (back to the 1920s) or stay in the same gear (back to the 19th Century).

Still, Campy Only stands by our long-held belief that Campagnolo will sell every single EPS gruppo they make, regardless of cost or drawbacks. Let us know in the Comments whether you plan to buy it.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Campy Stuff Under Your Tree?

Reminder to add your comments to our "What did Santa bring you" post. Let Campy fans around the world know what kind of new cycling stuff you found on Christmas morning.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cyclepedia: Campy Fans Who Own an iPad Need This App


We own plenty of bicycling books, but this just-released app for the iPad goes way beyond them. Cyclepedia offers exquisite, detailed photographs and write-ups on 100 noteable bicycles from the 1920s to the present day. Anyone with even a passing interest in the history of bicycles and their technology will enjoy this app. Click on a bike, and you have the option to see an interactive, 360-degree view (spin the bike around to see the sides, front, and back), plus detailed, zoom-able photos of various parts. It's quite striking and very well done.

At $9.99, it's among the more expensive iPad apps we've bought, but worth every penny. If you're looking for a gift idea, or if Santa drops an iTunes gift card in your stocking, this is a must-have item.

Screenshot from the app (yes, there's plenty more Campagnolo stuff):

What Did Santa Bring You?

Christmas is almost here, and we're interested in what kind of cycling (and Campy) related gifts Santa brings you. Use the Comments below to tell your fellow Campy fans around the world what ya got!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great Wintry Bicycling Art

From the vast Campy Only archives ...

Cycle Italia's Campy-Covered Support Van

Our friends over at Cycle Italia (a Campy Only sponsor) sent us this photo of their support van. It's clear what type of components they use ...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Cycling Week Looks at EPS (But Can't Touch It ... Yet)

The folks over at have weighed in on the new electronic EPS gruppos (figuratively and literally), and based on what they see, they like it.  They haven't been able to ride it yet, so for now,

"We'll wait and try a production set for ourselves before we go along with Campagnolo's statement but it certainly looks as though electronic is here to stay."

Friday, December 16, 2011

Electronic Shifting on the Web

Campagnolo has launched a web site just for the new EPS electronic shifting gruppo. Check it out at

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Videos from Vicenza

Campagnolo SRL has a bunch of videos on YouTube explaining EPS (electronic) shifting and other topics. 

To see them, search YouTube for "CampagnoloSRL"  Here's one example:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Campy Only Photo Fun

Some of the photos from last weekend's ride in the Sierra Foothills, run through photo apps on the Campy Only iPhone:

Monday, December 12, 2011

Today's Blast From the Past: The Campagnolo Jumpsuit

Today's item comes from contributor Mike McGary:

Mike writes,

This blast from the past came from Chris at Pro Peloton in Boulder CO and is on display in the shop. It’s a Campagnolo Servicio Corsa jumpsuit for their team mechanics circa late 70s (?)  Notice the removable shop rags attached to thighs so you can wipe your hands.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bikes and Wine

Not a lot of Campy content, but some nice scenery and some great wine in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California of yesterday's wine-tasting ride. More photos here.
 Note: If you're in the area and planning to do some wine-tasting on your bike, do not go to Green Family Wines. They refused to serve our group for the sole reason that we were riding bikes. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

$172 for a Half-Full Tub of 40-Year-Old Grease?

That's the winning bid in a recent eBay auction.  Anybody out there have some old grease they want to sell?

Thanks to reader Bernie R for this item

Do You Know This Headset?

One of our readers has a 1959 Mercian with this headset. If you can identify which year the headset was produced (he thinks it's original), let us know: enorris (at) campyonly (dot) com

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why Didn't Somebody Think of This Before?

Riders of a certain age (like yours truly) have probably noticed that things like bike computer screens are getting smaller and harder to read.  Or at least getting harder to read. Campy Only has started using bike computers with bigger and bigger displays, but some of our bikes have units that display in (seemingly) tiny digits.
Dual V6 Sunglasses

There are lots of riders like us out there, so it's a wonder that nobody (that we know of) has come up with the product recently launched by Dual eyewear. Dual's product is simple: Cycling-oriented sunglasses with a built-in bifocal at the bottom so you can more easily read your computer, or watch, or route sheet.

Sure, you can go to your optometrist and have lenses or inserts made for Oakleys or Rudy Project sunglasses, but Dual's product is relatively cheap--$50 for a nicely made pair of sunglasses--and doesn't require a visit to your local optician. For the price of one set of prescription inserts, you can probably buy half a dozen pair of Dual's sunglasses.

We've been wearing Dual's glasses for several days now (their V6 version, with a bifocal portion that matches our prescription for reading glasses). Having never worn bifocals in the past, they took a little getting used to, but after a little practice they work exactly as advertised. Suddenly, bike computers are easier to read, and my wristwatch face is in sharp focus. They'll even serve to read the menu at your lunch stop. (In case you're wondering, from more than a few inches away the bifocal isn't visible. Your friends won't know unless you tell them.)

The design is nice, and the overall quality is good. The lenses aren't polarized (or preference--we don't like riding with polarized lenses). The lenses aren't replaceable, but Dual offers a lifetime warranty in the event they break. 

Of course, Dual's glasses won't work if you're nearsighted and need prescription lenses for distant viewing. But if you're one of the millions of riders who use reading glasses, they could be just what you've been looking for.

Note: Dual provided a pair of sunglasses to Campy Only for road testing. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Beausage ... or Abuse?

The owner of this Campy-equipped Bianchi (spotted in Campy Only's hometown of Davis, CA) is either into the Grant Petersen "beausage" concept (bikes should show signs of use ... beauty + usage), or they just don't care about their bike. Tell us in the Comments below which you think is the case.

Stuff We're Using: Smart Sleeve iPhone Case

When we ride, we always carry our iPhone in a jersey pocket. And that means we're in need of a way to keep sweat (and sometimes rain) from creeping into the electronics.

One solution we've found is the Smart Sleeves cover. We first found these at the California State Fair this year, and have been using them ever since. Smart Sleeves are made of a very clear plastic that lets you see the screen and use the touch controls while the phone is still in the bag (an improvement on other carriers that require you to remove the phone). The manufacturer claims that the bags are waterproof, although in practice we've never tried submerging the phone.

Yes, a less expensive ZipLoc bag will also work, but the Smart Sleeve allows easier use of the phone and can last much longer.  More info:

Campy Only's Annual Post-Thanksgiving Ride

For your holiday viewing enjoyment ... video from our annual post-Thanksgiving ride, which this year involved 140 miles of riding and 5,000 feet of climbing. Perfect for working off that second helping of stuffing.

View the video in HD on YouTube here.  Our video was filmed with the Spark HD camera from Bad Vision (a Campy Only sponsor).

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Electronic? Ha! SRAM Looks to Hydraulics

Interesting report from about the updates to SRAM's "Red" lineup, including news that they're looking at adding hydraulic brakes next year.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcome to our Newest Sponsor: Cycle Italia

We're proud to announce the latest addition to our lineup of Campy Only sponsors: Cycle Italia.  Check out their web site for information on challenging, small-group cycling tours in Italy.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Somebody Buy This Girl a Sweater ...

... or at least a warm jersey. A pair of cycling-appropriate shoes would also be nice ... maybe a helmet.

(She doesn't ride a Campy-equipped bike, but she's been showing up on the Campy Only blog for many readers, so we thought we'd feature her here.)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Filming in HD with the BadVision Spark

Here is a selection of videos and stills (yes, stills) taken a few days ago on Campy Only's traditional post-Thanksgiving Day ride using the Spark HD video camera from Bad Vision.  The camera performed quite well--the 720p HD footage looks great, with a little rolling shutter here and there, and the stills are acceptable (and easier to take than hauling a regular camera out of a jersey pocket). 

For more info on Bad Vision cameras, click here.

Nighttime Video:
Disclaimer: Bad Vision is a Campy Only sponsor

Monday, November 21, 2011

No Campy Content Whatsoever ...

... Just photos from today's rally at the UC Davis campus in support of the students who were pepper-sprayed by campus police last week.  More photos here.
We now return to our regularly scheduled content ...

Campy Only!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Campagnolo Trivia: The Dishing Tool

What’s the last consumer good you purchased that’s been in continuous production for over a half century?

What’s the last consumer good you purchased that’s been made in the same city, by the same company, under the ownership of the same family, for over a half century?


In 1953 Ferrari had been producing road-going cars for 6 years – the LP record was 5 years old. The Chevrolet small-block V8 was still two years away.


 And in 1953 Campagnolo introduced their dishing tool. For years it was known simply as the “N” tool and is known by Campagnolo as the UT-HU010.  Campagnolo documents refer to it somewhat prosaically as “wheel dish tool for checking the centering of the rim to the locknuts of hubs”


 And as of this week the last shipments to North America have been sent.  If you’re a wheelbuilder, one of the Campagnolo tifosi or just a fan of post-war Italian industrial design I’m confident you’ll find that  to be money well spent.

Note: Yes, Campagnolo is ceasing production of the wheel dishing tool after this year. Also gone is the famous "peanut butter" crank bolt wrench, another icon of Campagnolo's golden era.


Thanks to Campy Only contributor Mike McGary for this item.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lots of Words About Electronic Power Shifting (EPS)

As would be expected, Campagnolo's impending official release of their long-awaited electronic shifting system has sparked a flurry of articles online. Here's one from Bike Europe. We'll post links to others as well in the coming days.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Campy-Equipped Machines from the 7-Eleven Days

Campagnolo and 7-Eeven ruled the roost when the bikes were first built. Both are still around, of course, although it's been a while since we've seen such nice bikes with the Murray name on them.

Campy Only contributor Mike McGary spotted these at a bike shop in Green Bay, IL. He writes,

"Here’s something you don’t see every day. A couple of historic bikes I came across at Green Bay Cycles in Winnetka, IL. Larry had these in the basement of his shop. Not one but two 7-11 Team “Murrays” ( built by Serotta I believe). The inner bike was Davis Phinney’s team ride and the outer bike was made for the 84’ LA Olympic Road Race, for an unknown team member. Of course fully decked out with Super Record ."

More photos after the jump ...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Today's Ride Video

Filmed entirely with video camera sunglasses from Bad Vision (official supplier of video cameras to Campy Only).

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quick Trip on the Winters Pedestrian Bridge

Here's a quick trip over the refurbished 1906 railroad bridge in Winters, CA, which now serves pedestrian and bicycle traffic only.

Reminder to check out the Campy Only web site for lots more Campagnolo-related content, including our famous classic catalogs archive! Campy Only has been on the web for more than 15 years--the original and best UNofficial Campagnolo site.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Your Tuesday Campagnolo Girl

From the Greg Lemond/Team Z/Big Mig era. Love the big hair ... and the Delta brakes

Thanks to the reader who pointed out Miguel Indurain in the peloton. We were focusing on another part of the photo and missed that ...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Electronic Gruppos(!) Are Here--Is the World Ready?

Well, it's November 7, the day on which Campagnolo was scheduled to officially unveil their electronic gruppo. And that they have done, but in a Steve Jobs-like moment, they basically said, "But wait, there's one more thing ..." That one more thing was a second electronic gruppo--yes, there will be Super Record EPS and Record EPS versions, which Campagnolo says are slightly lighter than ShimaNO's electronic ensembles.

VeloNews reports on the official launch here.

Click below for excerts from the VeloNews online story:

Campagnolo Isn't Just "Like" Jewelry ... It IS Jewelry

Found this blogger who took the concept of jewel-like components to the next level. Read their blog post here.

VeloNews' Lennard Zinn's Hopes for the Electronic Gruppo

So far, Lennard Zinn, VeloNews' tech guru, isn't seeing some key features that he thinks Campagnolo should build into the electronic gruppo. Read his article here.

Bicycling Magazine Profiles Campagnolo

In case you haven't seen it, you should check out Bicycling Magazine's recent profile of Campagnolo, "The Italian Job." It's a very detailed, warts-and-all examination that asks the question, Can Campagnolo Survive? Check out the article to see what they conclude.

Company head Valentino Campagnolo with the cart used by father, Tullio Campagnolo.

Joe Bell's Garage Sale

And what a garage he has ...
Virtuoso frame painter Job Bell (a friend and sponsor of Campy Only) has some frames and other items for sale. More details here.

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Campy-ish Tattoo

Andrew, at Olympia Cycles in Omaha, NE, sent this photo of one of his female customers. She rides a Campy-equipped Bianchi, and she's obviously very proud of that fact.

Thanks to Andrew for the photo!

You can see more Campy tattoos here.

Campy-Obsessed Writers Wanted

Are you a fan of Campagnolo? Can you write ... well? Maybe take a photo or two?

If so, we'd like to talk to you. We're looking for articles about Campagnolo equipment--news, road tests, travel, etc.--and we can offer you the exposure provided by this blog and the Campy Only web site.

Email us: enorris [at] campyonly [dot] com for more details.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Who Is This Girl ...

... And why is she balancing a Record crankset on top of an Epson printer cartridge? And who told her that bridesmaid's dress looked good on her? So many questions ...

California Triple Crown: We Are At 22 Years and Counting!

22 years ago, Southern California rider Chuck Bramwell started a challenge series: the California Triple Crown. The rules were simple--complete at least three double centuries in one year and you became a Triple Crown finisher. The next year, the counting would start again.

Your humble CampyOnlyGuy took up the challenge that first year (1990), kicking off an unbroken string of CTC finishes. Blazing heat, freezing cold, pouring rain ... even illness tried to stop us, but we rode on. And 22 years later, we're still going strong. No other rider has completed every single CTC season.

The CTC season will begin for us again in February with the Camino Real Double Century. Come back to this blog for photos and reports.

Store-In-A-Store Will Feature Campagnolo Sportswear

Campagnolo is launching a new concept for retailing its clothing line, a "store in a store" that will debut later this year in Holland. We received this press release today:

World’s first CSW shop-in-shop, own magazine and renewed website

Campagnolo Sportswear (CSW) signed the contract with specialized cycling shop Egbert Egberts from Borger for the first shop-in-shop in the world at the latest Bike Motion Benelux. In November starts the renovation, followed by an official opening at December 9.

The CSW shop-in-shop will have a prominent place in the store. The design is stylish Italian and by using indirect lighting and clever presentation and storage options, the clothing is presented to its best advantage. The whole concept is tailor made by Eddy Bouwmans of De Interieur Makers (DIM interior).

Left to right: Andrea Cagnin (CSW Italy), Klaas Almoes (Store Manager Egbert Egberts), Pascal Arts (CSW Benelux, ERP) and Eddy Bouwmans (DIM interior) toasting on the first CSW shop-in-shop at Bike Motion Benelux.)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Paris-Brest-Paris Movie

A reminder that the epic video of our Paris-Brest-Paris experience is available on YouTube (or, for viewers outside the US, it's available here). We invite you to check it out--tell your friends, and help us get to 1,000 views!

Bike-mounted video of PBP was shot with an HD camera from Bad Vision (a Campy Only sponsor)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Photos from Yesterday's Ride

We hopped aboard our Campy-equipped 1980s Motobecane yesterday and headed to Napa, where our lovely wife/support driver met us for lunch at the Oxbow Market. Photos and video from the ride (shot with an HD camera from Campy Only sponsor Bad Vision) are here. (Note: The video below was shot with an iPhone 4S.)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Somebody Find a Campy-Equipped Bike for This Girl!

She definitely needs one. Where did they find that old bike?

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Friday, October 28, 2011

More German Cheesecake

Here's another bike from the stable of reader Elmar, in Germany. He writes of this bike:

Here is my latest Campy-Babe: I call him "EDUARDO", a 1992 vintage Bianchi-Thron-Frame (NOS) completed with 2009 Centaur Components, Omega V rims and a beautiful slim and sexy Athena-Brake. All in Aluminium, to match with the chrome of the wonderful frame - I like it this way ! He is below 10 kg having a vintage appeal and today's performance...

Riding in pleasant sunshine you must wear sunglasses to stand the sparkling silver of the glittering rear frame and components - pretty cool.

Have a fine and golden autumn in CA, best regards from Germany.

We love the monoplanar brakes, and still rue the day we sold our set some years ago ...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Today's Retro Bike

Today's taste of retro comes from reader Elmar in Stuttgart, Germany, who writes,

"Hello Folks,

This is my snow white Raleigh-Carlton from Feb 1981, Campy SR drivetrain, Modolo SPEEDY Brakes and levers and a fine British attitude, hope you will publish the pics.

This bike is a real racing guy climbing beautifully, with a responsive frame and the best components: SR !

Nothing more to say, best regards and leave ya chain on the right !


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Electronic Shifting is Coming on November 7

This just in from the web--Campagnolo's long-delayed electronic shifting system will be officially released in a press event on November 7. Pro teams will get the gruppos two weeks later ... still no word on when the public can get their hands on it, but it's likely to be in spring 2012. Read about it here and here.

Last Weekend's Campy-Equipped Ride

Some raw (unedited) videos and a few photos from the Foxy Fall Century on October 15.  Click here for more photos and videos (filmed with Hotspot video camera sunglasses by Bad Vision). Turn the volume down before playing the video--there's a lot of wind noise.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nice photo of the Cambio Corsa shift levers from the folks at Velo News.  (Click on the link to read about how to shift this beast.)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Video: Our Latest Addition

It's not Campy-equipped, but we're still having fun riding this classic town bike--a 3-speed Raleigh Superbe that we found at a yard sale here in Davis, CA.  Quick video of the bike:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today's Campy Glamour Shots

D'oh! Lost the sender info for these shots, but he would appreciate having his photos posted here:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

GM Says Campagnolo Sucks

GM may have decided to pull an ad that suggests that chicks don't dig cyclists ... but not before we noticed that the bike in the ad appears to be Campy equipped. Look closely (click on the image for a larger view) ...

Those brake levers looks like 1990s vintage Campagnolo. A very interesting choice for the ad, considering they've been out of production for almost 20 years.