Sunday, November 20, 2011

Campagnolo Trivia: The Dishing Tool

What’s the last consumer good you purchased that’s been in continuous production for over a half century?

What’s the last consumer good you purchased that’s been made in the same city, by the same company, under the ownership of the same family, for over a half century?


In 1953 Ferrari had been producing road-going cars for 6 years – the LP record was 5 years old. The Chevrolet small-block V8 was still two years away.


 And in 1953 Campagnolo introduced their dishing tool. For years it was known simply as the “N” tool and is known by Campagnolo as the UT-HU010.  Campagnolo documents refer to it somewhat prosaically as “wheel dish tool for checking the centering of the rim to the locknuts of hubs”


 And as of this week the last shipments to North America have been sent.  If you’re a wheelbuilder, one of the Campagnolo tifosi or just a fan of post-war Italian industrial design I’m confident you’ll find that  to be money well spent.

Note: Yes, Campagnolo is ceasing production of the wheel dishing tool after this year. Also gone is the famous "peanut butter" crank bolt wrench, another icon of Campagnolo's golden era.


Thanks to Campy Only contributor Mike McGary for this item.

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  1. We've had one of these since, well, almost ever with the only modification being a hole drilled in one end so it'll hang on the tool board in the shop. Sad to see 'em come to an end.