Thursday, June 11, 2009

Veloce Crankset Reviewed

British online site likes the new Veloce Ultra Torque crankset (read their article here). They scored the lowly Veloce as 9 out of 10 in terms of stiffness. As they point out, that's not bad for an alloy crankset, and similar to higher-priced carbon versions.

In fact, with Athena now out in 11-speed, riders who want an alloy crankset (some of us prefer them for aesthetic reasons only) have several great choices from Campagnolo.


  1. Veloce can be a good deal. I just got a Veloce front derailleur because I couldn't justify any difference between it and Centaur. One thing about the Veloce and new Centaur cranks - I hate the black chainrings. Even with the arms being black, I still prefer silver or bronze.

  2. Campagnolo should effectively have two lines. the "Geek" line and the "Retro" line. There are a coniderable number of people who don't do the black/Plastic resin parts thing