Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A New Crankset for the Campyonlyguy

This past weekend, we swapped out the alloy Record crankset on our custom Richard Sachs for a new carbon Chorus Ultratorque version. Once again (we have Ultratorque on our Rivendell Road) we were pleased with how very easy the Ultratorque cranksets are to install. Once the Record crankset and bottom bracket (square taper) were removed, it took less than ten minutes to install the new crankset. (Note: Campagnolo is very emphatic about using a torque wrench on the bolt that holds the two halves of the crankset together, warning of injury or death if it isn't installed correctly. Yes, we did use a torque wrench, which every home mechanic should have in their toolbox.)

Performance is also improved--the new Chorus UT crankset has much less flex than the Record. Sprints that used to result in chain rub on the front derailleur don't anymore, and the bike seems to accelerate faster (at least it feels that way).

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  1. Half of any of the instructions from Campagnolo are taken up by the 'injury or death clauses!