Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Bike: Walter's Ciocc

Walter sent us this photo from Michigan. Here's what he wrote about this very nice retro ride. Check out the back story ...

Circa '84 Ciöcc Mockba '80: restored by Assenmacher about 10 years ago and re-built with a selection of classic old-school Campy bits: Super-Record cranks & shifting mechs, Cobalto brakes & aero levers. included some interesting old-school selections for my personal taste: early aero Wolber TX-Profile rims, Mavic retro-friction shifters, and SunTour XC-Pro seatpin.

Interesting back-story: this was my first real, honest-to-goodness racing bike i owned while in college. well, the same season I got it built up to perfection in the late 80s, it was stolen from my apartment! Fast forward several years I was fortunate enough to recover the frame and fork which allowed me to bring it back to life and re-live a little of my youth!

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