Monday, November 30, 2009

Today's Quick "Non-Review": Cycleaware Torpedo Bottle

We just mailed back a testing product from the folks at Cycleaware: their "Torpedo" insulated stainless steel water bottle. Although it's marketed as a cycling product, we thought it would be more accurately sold as a nice thermos. It doesn't fit into a standard bottle cage (they're coming out with a special cage for it) and you can't drink from it while you ride (twist-off top ... if you even wanted to drink hot coffee while riding). On the plus side, the Torpedo does a great job keeping liquids hot--in our unscientific test, it kept coffee hot for 8 hours.

Our suggestion to Campy Only fans looking to carry coffee with them would be to buy a standard stainless thermos (we have one from Starbucks that also includes a serving cup/cap). If you still want to try a Torpedo, they're available for $25 at the Cycleaware web site.

1 comment:

  1. A self-respecting Campagnolo fan should simply stop at the bar and drink his/her espresso there (from a proper ceramic cup) so why would you put caffe in this thing? Hot tea for a cold day's ride sounds much better.