Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not Afraid of a Little Rain

It was rainy here at Campy Only World Headquarters today, but that didn't stop us from riding with a friend to our traditional Saturday morning coffee shop in the next town (about 35 miles there and back). Here's a photo of your intrepid Campyonlyguy (in the yellow Showers Pass Elite jacket) and our friend, hamming it up at the turnaround point. In the background, you can see our Campy-equipped Raysport, equipped with fenders (of course).

Note to anyone else venturing out into the wet stuff--the word for today is wool, layered under a nice rain shell. We had on a wool jersey from Earth, Wind, and Rider, a pair of Ibex wool shorts, a pair of ancient but still toasty warm ProTogs wool leg warmers, and wool socks. Wool keeps you warm even when it's wet, something that synthetics don't do quite as well.

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