Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just Wondering ... How Many CampyOnlyGuys Are There?

It's amazing how many times I (your host, the CampyOnlyGuy) will go to a web site and start the registration process only to find that my favorite user name, "CampyOnlyGuy," has been taken already. Really, how many people are there out there who have maintained an online presence as the host of Campy Only for some 15 years? Don't those CampyOnlyGuy doppelgangers know that they're not the real CampyOnlyGuy?

Just wondering. Comments are welcome.


  1. That's a long one to be found elsewhere...

    I cant say it any more - Trying out SRAM. New campy is too pricey...

  2. I had a similar though less frequent problem with a newspaper comments section that didn't actually require the screen name to be tied to an email. I had a guy using the "Fai Mao" moniker to make all kinds of offensive comments. The Fai Mao screen name is tied to my seldom read blog and is copyrighted as a trademark. I tried and chase him down but couldn't. All I could do was to get the Newspaper to not allow ANYONE to use that screen name