Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shameless Plug for the CampyOnlyGuy

Mind if we make a shameless plug for ourselves? Well, here goes ...

The past weekend, your CampyOnlyGuy completed his third double century of 2010, an achievement that keeps us in the lead in total finishes in the California Triple Crown double century series. With the completion of this year's CTC (an annual challenge that requires a rider to finish at least 3 double centuries in the CTC series), the CampyOnlyGuy remains the only rider to finish the event in each of the 21 years since its inception. (And, of course, every one of those doubles has been done on a Campy-equipped bike!)

To see a complete listing of top all-time finishers in the CTC series, click here. You'll see Eric Norris, the CampyOnlyGuy, there at the top.

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