Saturday, November 13, 2010

Non-Campy (but Retro) Crankset Installation

Today's project at Campy Only World Headquarters was the installation of a Grand Cru crankset from Velo Orange on our retro-styled Benotto.  Detailed photos and descriptions here.
Grand Cru Double Crankset from Velo Orange
The Grand Cru crankset is nicely made and finished.  Although it resembles a older Stronglight crankset more than a retro Nuovo Record, it's close enough to match the overall look of our Benotto.  With 48/34 rings, it also offers a lower gear range.

Next project will be to install a classic Campagnolo Rally derailleur to replace the Super Record unit now on the bike (see the post below).  The Rally will be able to handle the wide range of gears easily--the SR struggles a bit with the largest cog, as the jockey pulley isn't quite far enough from the cog.

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  1. You need to be able to get that front derailleur lower somehow...lovely chainset though!