Friday, January 7, 2011

Stuff We're Using: Electra Ticino Bottle Cage

We just put a pair of Electra's new stainless steel "Ticino" cage on our retro Benotto.  They're a nice choice, with a classic look that goes well with our retro bike.  Detailed photos and some thoughts here.

Electra calls these cages an homage to the "Classic Golden Era Touring Bike Cages of the 1940s-1950s" (wow, classic ... golden era ... 1940-1950s ... they just about ran out of adjectives), but they're also also eerily reminiscent of Nitto's own (modern) "R" model cage.  Below, Electra's cage on the left, Nitto on the right:

The Ticino cage is nicely made and looks quite nice on our bike.  Electra warns against using it for bottles larger than 21 oz, so we'll see how it lasts in use.  Check back for more as our test continues.

(Note: We paid full retail price--$19.99 each--for our cages at Electra's web site: )

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