Monday, March 21, 2011

New Nuovo Tipo?

Fans of retro Campy equipment will remember the Nuovo Tipo hubs of the 1980s. They were a lower-priced version of Campagnolo's high flange Record hubs with round, rather than oval, holes in the flanges.

Online retailer Velo Orange has introduced a new product into their lineup of retro-flavored goods that recalls the Nuovo Tipo:

The hubs come in 126mm and 130mm widths (nothing in 120mm) and come with a matching front hub. We haven't seen these in person, but they look like a good high-flange alternative for riders who want the look, but not necessarily the potential problems, of a classic Campy hub. A set (front and rear) will set you back $145. More info here.
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  1. I can report that in real life they are as lovely as the photos suggest, and that they spin smoothly (as you would expect for sealed-bearing hubs). You'll have to wait a year or so for road test results.