Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today's Retro Bike: 1968 Bottecchia with Valentino

Reader Mark M sent these photos of a newly-acquired bike in his very interesting collection. This 1968 Bottecchia features parts from the somewhat unusual Valentino group (named for Tullio Campagnolo's son, who now heads the company).

Mark writes,

Attached are a couple of photos of my current 68 Bottecchia project. Campy Valentino set on this one, Dolomiti wheels, and Universal brakes.

Will bookmark and send photos if I ever finish this one, have a Rudge and Triumph project in the works also! This one has really only had a quick wipe-down and some Nev-R-Dull on the frame lugs… and put air in the dry-rotted tires and took her for a spin (the tubes actually held air for a bit), lol. The Valentino gearing still works well! Looking forward to riding this one from time to time and giving my modern Bianchi (Campy equipped also!) a break.

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