Sunday, August 14, 2011

PBP Will be Televised ...

... or at least Web-televised.  Your CampyOnlyGuy will be taking photos and videos as long as my memory cards and brain hold out, and transforming them into a documentary of my PBP 2011 experience. Watch for it sometime in September.  Videos we made during the runup to PBP:
Today, we made one last preparation for the filming. We went to San Francisco to rendezvous with Mike Boester of Bad Vision, who brought us one of his new HD video bike-mount cameras. We've tested it out, and it promises to provide great, high-def footage of the ride. (All of the videos above feature on-the-bike footage filmed with Bad Vision's Spark camera, which records in standard def.)  Learn more about Mike's products at
Mike Boester of Bad Vision, with the BadMobile (our name for it, not his)

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