Friday, September 9, 2011

Campagnolo Gets 'Cross at Eurobike

Scroll down in this article from and you'll find a brief mention of Campagnolo's updated cyclocross offerings:

"Component wise Campagnolo were once again displaying their largely ignored CX specific kit, just like last year, with some simple looking cantilevers, and ‘cross specific chainsets, bottom-brackets and wheels that come with better seals than their road counterparts, which makes us wonder why the road bearings are so bad they need beefing up for ‘cross."


  1. I like the Center Pull brake they are offering this year

  2. I have them in black on my new Ridley cyclocross bike. The box says Made in Taiwan. They don't even look like genuine Campy. The brake block shoes have a very unCampylike adjustment screw - yes, just like the S-brand. It's rebranded and repainted Asian stuff. But well, it fits the Deep Black Athena group rather nicely...