Saturday, June 30, 2012

Electronic Costs

From one of the email lists we subscribe to. (The writer is referring to Grant Petersen's new book, "Just Ride")

Just ride? Naw! A new paradigm: "Just spend"! Looking thru a new Co Cycler flyer recently received I had to let out a belly laugh when I saw the prices for the new electric Super Record 11 kit on page 12 -- prices that beat satire into the ground.

RD: $925

FD: $850.

Not to mention: Cable set: $165, Power Unit $580, PU Interface $215.

And a FD "Stiffener" for $110.

Who needs satire?

Patrick "gonna get me a $400 helmet, too" M

For the record, we here at Campy Only have predicted that Campagnolo will sell each and every one of the electronic gruppos they produce, regardless of price.

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