Friday, November 30, 2012

Apres' Cycling Accessory You Should Check Out

OK ... You've had a great ride on your Campy-equipped bike. You're tired and sweaty, and perhaps smelling a little ripe. But you're hours away from home--or maybe you did a lunchtime ride, and you're at work and there's no shower available. What to do to make yourself more presentable to friends and coworkers?

We've been trying out a new product, Action Wipes, that could be just what you need.

Action Wipes are basically huge wet wipes that you use to wipe down after exercising. But they're not baby-scented--they use a formula that includes tea tree and eucalyptus oils and a fresh, clean scent.

In our tests, one Action Wipe does a good job of cleaning up one rider, with enough wetness left over to give our bike a quick wipedown as well. The liquid the wipes leave on you evaporates quickly and leaves just a nice scent.

Action Wipes sell for about $1 each, depending on how many you order. (We purchased a 16-pack for $16.85; Action Wipes did not provide samples for testing.) Order online at their web site:

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