Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Brand-New 1939 Raleigh For Sale (Warning: No Campy Content)

No Campagnolo content in this post, but we think it's well worth the time to read it. Here goes ...

If you're a fan of classic bikes, and you happen to have $27,000 burning a hole in your pocket, check out this very unusual offering on eBay: a mint condition, never-ridden 1939 Raleigh. Click through to read the lengthy description, but suffice to say this machine has essentially been in a time capsule for the past 74 years. A real gem of a bike from the classic era. Why it was bought all those years and then never ridden isn't revealed in the listing, but it's a tantalizing mystery. (Question: If you bought this bike, would you ride it?)

Is it worth $27,000? Hard to say. If there's one person out there willing to pony up that kind of cash, it is. On the bright side, shipping is free.

See the eBay listing here.

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  1. Larry would rather have one of these