Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lee Mitchell Update

Lee Mitchell
Friends of Lee Mitchell will be glad to know that he was back again today at his traditional corner marshall spot on the Davis Double Century. I spotted Lee as I was making the right turn onto Road 89 and stopped to talk with him for a minute. Dressed in his usual Santa outfit, he looked good, but he was clearly tired. Rather than his usual "sign twirler" antics, he was sitting down on a red bucket, waving his flag to direct the riders.

Lee explained that he was about five weeks past a seven-week stint of chemotherapy that had wreaked havoc on his system. The treatments had left him too weak to stand at the corner, in fact too weak to drive out from his home in Woodland--his son had driven the Bike Van.

But ... Lee's spirits were good. He was happy to be there, happy to see the riders, happy to be part of yet another bike event.

I left Lee with wishes for a full recovery. I hope to see him again next year at the same corner ... maybe even dancing again.

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