Monday, June 10, 2013

For Sale: Every Derailleur Campagnolo Made from the 1950s to 1980s

Framebuilder Richard Sachs (a longtime sponsor of Campy Only) is a well-know fan of Campagnolo. Over the years, he's built up far more bicycles with Campagnolo than any other brand.

Richard is also a well-known collector of Campagnolo parts, some of which end up on project bikes, some which never leave their original boxes. It's a collection of the latter that Sachs is now offering for sale.

In this blog post, Sachs describes his collection of 1950s to 1980s rear derailleurs, collected over the years in new condition--with the original boxes---that he is now offering for sale. It's an amazing collection that he says is the most complete in existence, and we don't doubt that that's in fact the case.

Cost? Just $14,000 will, in one fell swoop, make you the owner of the most complete collection of Campy derailleurs from the classic era, from Gran Sport to Nuovo Record.

Here's a link to larger versions of the photos above. Lots more at Richard's blog post.

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