Friday, July 25, 2014

Unofficial Video of the 2015 Campagnolo Super Record 11

Looks like somebody pointed their cell phone at a prototype of the new Super Record 11 gruppo and captured this video:

There's lots and lots of carbon fiber there ... and of course that ugly 4-arm crankset.


  1. All that carbon seems to be working. First Quintana at the Giro then Nibali's win in the Tour. Bravo Campagnolo!

  2. It's true that we're all used to the more curvaceous and elegant style of the past 20 years of Campy cranksets, and the "slab of carbon" look of the 2015 models is a pretty radical departure. But I think there's a possibility to redeem these rough-shaped cranks with a bit of customizing. Kind of like the way a lot of riders used to paint enamel in the fluted cut-outs of nuovo record and super record cranks of old. The recessed lines around the edges of these new four arm cranks would look pretty good with some colour accents. After all there's a lot of carbon frames with similar aesthetic treatment, for those who don't like the Darth Vader look. Now if Campagnolo SRL would kindly send me a few samples so that I could demonstrate what I mean, I would most gladly oblige!

  3. Any idea when the 2015 mechanical groupsets will be available in the US?

  4. Next year's studs usually starts trickling out around September.

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