Thursday, February 5, 2015

Venerating the Italian Worker?

In 2013, Blogger Augustus Farmer visited the factory in Vicenza and posted an interesting article with photos (of the areas where cameras were allowed). Read his post and see his copyrighted images here.

Farmer was clearly impressed with the quality of the factory and the dedication of the workers who make the company's signature components. The workers in 2013 were treated well and returned that respect in the form of a commitment to do their very best for the company. From his blog post:

"What I was to witness over the next few hours was to genuinely blow my mind. A mixture of old fashioned machine shop with its  metal and heat and noise and aroma, and a more delicate side of hand/ eye co-ordination, experience, care, design, love and dare I say it, Italian-ness. 

Watching a Ghibli wheel being made for example, will be etched onto my soul forever."

That partnership has unfortunately been thrown into disarray in recent weeks, with workers striking to protest the layoff of workers in Vicenza, a move that is part of Campagnolo's effort to move some of its production to cheaper workers in Romania. The company has announced that the layoffs will be rescinded, but the strike continues while the workers seek a solution that will retain both their work and the reputation of Campagnolo.

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