Friday, August 21, 2009

The Return of Synt

You won't find them on Zipp's web site (at least not yet), but that company is releasing a new cork-based brake pad that is, in their words, "...machined from a unique composite material [that] combines the stopping performance and durability of a synthetic polymer with the heat resistance and smooth feel of cork."

These new pads remind us of one of Campagnolo's offerings from the not-too-distant past: the "synt" brake pad. Those pads, made of a top-secret formula that at least looked like cork, didn't stay in the company's lineup too long. You can occasionally find a pair at the bottom of a parts bin. More on Synt is here.

As for Zipp's new pads, if they're like the company's other pads, they'll be available in a shape to fit Campagnolo's brakes. Zipp's web site:

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