Friday, October 16, 2009

Is There "Value" in a $600 Jacket?

That's the question Bicycling magazine posed to its readers as they blogged about Campagnolo's new clothing line. Wrote Bicycling,

"... it’s not whether the $600 jacket is better than a $200 jacket. It probably is. The question is whether or not there’s value in those $400. Readers?"

Huh? Forgive me for throwing a little rain on Bicycling's parade, but it seems to me there are plenty of folks out there (15-million plus in the US) who would love to have a lowly $200 jacket, and would be happy to have the money to buy one.

We here at Campy Only have been opining for years that Campagnolo's clothing is expensive and (for the most part) ugly. We still don't see if for sale at any of the multitude of shops we go to, and we still wonder: Who is buying this stuff?

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  1. Last january i bought a very expensive Assos winter jacket. Temperature often gets below 0 degrees (cel.) here in Denmark, so you can either put on 3 or 4 shirts and a cheap jacket or buy a expensive one. Guess what feels best? I checked out both campy and Adidas and others to see if i could get the same features as the Assos, but i couldnt. I think some of the campy clothe is ok, but they cant match Assos technology in winterclothing.