Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Did We Miss This? Campagnolo Sold to the Chinese?

A reader pointed us to a Portugese-language blog that ran this startling story a few months ago:

According to reports circulating in the "World Online", the CAMPAGNOLO have been sold to Chinese investors. These stories circulate not only in the circle but also in Europe Asia. There is no information yet officially confirmed but, as cosutmes say, "Where there's smoke there's fire."
This is actually the result of the functioning of the global economy, the demands of the world market and capitalism. I do not intend here to make any reference to lessons in economy but the truth is that more and more traditional brands, its origins, its foundations and traditions tend to disappear. Large groups take control and leadership of these companies with name and reputation very favorable market and seek to monetize them even more to profit. We think that the customer / buyer out and enjoyed some of the time this happens, but the world of bikes as we knew it is disappearing little by little.
Hopefully for the better!

Gentullio Campagnolo was born on August 26, 1901 and died on February 03, 1983. In 1930 he patented the system quick release wheels, now known as the "quick releases". It is still the standard system in the bicycle industry. In 1949 he submitted what became known as the modern derailleur, called at the time of the Gran Sport. The campagnolo always been an innovative brand, which sought to introduce new materials and engineering concepts applied to the bicycle industry.


  1. I doubt this is true.

    Campagnolo is a privately owned company. Thus, their stock cannot be bought. If the company goes bankrupt they would simply disappear like Simplex or Zeus.

    Tullio's son is the CEO, can you see him selling the company?

    No this is not true.

  2. The website referenced is not a news organization.

    This is some sort of fraud.