Saturday, May 29, 2010


This bike from Rob brings back memories. Back in the late 70s, the CampyOnlyGuy owned a beautiful red Windsor much like this one (but equipped with SunTour components). That was a nice bike, one that we enjoyed riding until we caught the car bug a few years later.

Windsor was one of a number of frame builders who started working in Mexico at the time (Benotto was another). Many of them produced frames that were blatant copies of the Cinelli Speciale Corsa--hence the 'Mexinelli' nickname. To this day, anyone buying what appears to be a Cinelli is well advised to make sure it didn't come from a workshop in Mexico.

This particular version is mostly Nuovo Record. The bar-ends are period-correct SunTours, and the seat post is Chorus. Rob's getting it roadworthy and ready to sell. Contact him if you're interested: Electrojet97_at_comcast_dot_net

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