Monday, October 11, 2010

Today's Bike: Kim's '02 Merlin

Today's bike comes from Kim in Laramie, Wyoming:

Kim writes,

Here is my 2002 Merlin Extralight. Purchased 8 years ago for my 50th birthday present for myself. Originally Campy Record with alloy crankset. Switched from ShimaNo to Campy when I got the frame. Alan frame I bought in 1981 in Spain had Zeus 2000 Campy knockoffs and I loved them so switched to the real thing with this frame. “Upgraded” to UltraTorque compact carbon drive train in 2007. Have this combo as it should last me a lifetime, especially with a fully stocked Campy spare parts locker under the bed. Weighs somewhere around 17 lbs which is not too bad for a 61cm frame. Speedplay Ti pedals and Albert Bold Ti seatpost. Look HSC 5 SL fork. Very short stem due to a hip problem. Some folks do not care for the look of the Topolino wheels, but man do they ride nice!

Kim V
Laramie WY

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