Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Campagnolo Rally Derailleur

Just arrived from an eBay seller in France is this great Rally derailleur from the 1970s, which will find a home on our retro Benotto. More photos here.

The Rally was offered for a few years in the 1970s; it changed after this version to a less attractive model based on the Nuovo Record mech.

Update 12-13-10: We've read further on the Rally, and it appears that at some point Campagnolo ran out of the cast upper body and started assembling the parallelogram and cage to a standard Nuovo Record upper pivot body, creating the much less attractive version we mentioned above.  When they ran out of the lower assembly, they dropped the Rally altogether, and it was some time before they made another foray into touring/wide range gearing.

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  1. Hey Eric!

    I once had one of these on a touring bike purchased back in 1981. Unfortunately, on a group ride, soneone ran into the back of me. A spoke from his wheel hit and fractured the mount and the parallelogram (i.e. the extra bit that the later version lacked). The design had already changed by then, so I was unable to replace it directly.

    Robert Fry

  2. Love how campagnolo jockey wheels look!