Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Today's Retro Photos: Toeclips

Toeclips went the way of the buggy whip in the 1980s when Look introduced the first popular clipless pedal system. But until then, toe clips and straps were a part of every racing bike, and Campagnolo offered some very nicely made versions.

The photos below show an example of Campagnolo's toe clips with the "invito scarpetta," a tab that extended into the pedal and made it easier to get your shoe all the way into the clip.

Some riders today still use toe clips (mostly offroad riders), but most riders who have used clipless pedals and tried clips and straps will agree that the modern system is much better. Anyone who pulls up to a stop sign or signal and then remembers that they forgot to loosen the strap will recognize this as they fall to the ground with their shoes locked in ...

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