Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today's Mod Bikes: Tommasini Time

Reader Terry A sent these photos and this report on his growing stable of Campy-equipped Tommasinis:

The Red Carbo Light (my 8th ever Tommasini) is 10 speed equipped but I’ve added a Super Record 11 rear derailleur (plus thin shims both sides of the pulleys due to the slightly wider chain. Shifts great and looked even better. This bike is my “everyday” hammerfest and race bike.

The black carbon Velocista (my 9th ever Tommasini) runs 2010 Super Record throughout. I am a bit more choosey as to where/when I ride this bike – it does get it’s share of competitive group rides but it’s not used (yet) for any all out pack racing situations.

#10 Tommasini is on order……custom geometry and it will be fitted with 2011 Super Record and Bora Twos……can’t wait.

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  1. I could be wrong, but last time I checked the Campy spares documentation, the derailleur pulley width was the same for both 10s and 11s - 8.4mm, reduced from 8.8mm on 9s. It should not be necessary to add shims to a 11s derailleur to run on a 10s machine. I recently set a bike up to use a new Athena derailleur on a 10s system (only way to get the classic silver finish). It works fine out of the box.