Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eddy Merckx

Way back before there was a Campy Only, the CampyOnlyGuy took these photos of Eddy Merckx visiting Bud's Bike Shop, a then-famous, now-defunct bike shop in Claremont, CA. Eddy was touring shops selling his signature bikes, and we were invited to be there to record the event.

Enjoy the photos:

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  1. The top photo is Eddy checking out my Eddy Merckx that I rode out from South Pasadena to display for his visit. The lower photo is Eddy signing his autograph for Jim Leis, the manager of Santana Tandems for many years and one of the managers of Bud's Bike Shop for a while. Bud's was the oldest pro shop in Los Angeles County; started around 1953(?) and was bought by Jax chain (currently eight shops in SoCal).