Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What? English Magazine Says ShimaNO's '97 Dura Ace was the Best-Looking Gruppo Ever

What are they smoking over there in England? This online article makes the case that the 1997 Dura Ace gruppo was the best-looking ever. Really? It may have been the best-looking ShimaNO group ever (their stuff has gotten uglier since--how about those ugly Allen screws holding their crank arms on?), but it certainly doesn't compare to a classic Record crankset ... or C-Record ... or the Pista crank. And don't get us started about those ugly levers with their exposed derailleur cables.


  1. Seriously? It had no character. The new stuff looks cheaper as the price tag has gone up. Geez!

  2. Is that "Bungalow Bill" from KALX!?

  3. This stuff just screamed "Huffy"

    The crank looked like it weighted about 2000 grams