Monday, May 30, 2011

Classic Campy-Equipped Paramount

Reader Jim R sent this photo of a classic Schwinn Paramount that he's restoring. It's not complete yet, but what's done so far looks might good.

Jim writes,

Thought you might want to see a photo of the bike with your brakes (bought on 1/4/11). I finally found the time to install all the parts, including the brake calipers, which I've been collecting for some time now. I decided to postpone the touch up of the frame since that may take quite some time & I couldn't wait any longer to actually ride it. Its a bike I've long lusted after (a common affliction apparently), a '73 Paramount & it rides just like my friend's from Junior High. Eventually, after the touch up, it'll make its way to "The Museum" (

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Location:Today's Retro Bike: Jim's Paramount

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