Monday, May 2, 2011

Today's Bike: Campy-Equipped Colnago (With a Joe Bell Shoutout)

Reader Mark C from Victoria, BC, sent this photo of today's bike, plus the following kudos for Campy Only sponsor Joe Bell, who repainted the bike:

Here's my 2002 Colnago Master X-Light that has been repainted in Saronni Red by Joe Bell. The bike in this color has been my dream bike forever. When my wife bought the MXL for me in 2002, Colnago did not offer it in the Saronni scheme. I had to settle for it in Red Art Décor. After many wonderful years, and a serious dent to the top tube. I decided it was time to get it painted in my dream scheme. Joe was a breeze to deal with. Very professional and from the start I could tell that my frame was in good
hands. The final product is AMAZING! The repair of the pretty serious dent
is flawless. Attention to detail, impeccable. Yes, I ride with a bunch of
people with really sweet whiz bang carbon machines, but my bike is the best looking in the peloton

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