Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Installing Campagnolo's EPS: Not As Easy As Plugging It In

VeloNews' Lennard Zinn tackles the difficult question of how to install EPS on a frame that doesn't come pre-drilled for the internal wiring. Read the entire article here.

When you click over, sit down and get ready for a long read that includes nuggets of wisdom such as this:

"EPS wires have 6mm-diameter waterproof connections. They also require a special tool (the Campagnolo UT-CG020EPS) to plug and unplug them."

Wow. Another tool for the ol' toolbox. Just to plug and unplug wires.

Ah, well. We still stand by our longstanding prediction that Campagnolo will sell each and every electronic gruppo they produce, not matter the cost ... or the difficulty of installation.


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