Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review of New Athena 11-Speed EPS Electronic

The folks at took a video camera to Eurobike to get an interview with a Campagnolo official about the new, budget-priced Athena version of their electronic gruppo. Read their review (with video) here.

Campagnolo's spokesman says the system's battery will go 2,000 Km before needing a recharge, potentially opening electronic shifting to the randonneuring crowd. Let's see how many riders show up at Paris-Brest-Paris in 2015 with battery-powered shifters ...

More photos after the break.

Screen grabs from the BikeRadar video:
Athena Cockpit
Athena EPS Rear Derailleur
Athena EPS Front Derailleur


  1. I give Campagnolo maybe 5 years before the have completely phased out cable shifted systems other than their lowest level.

    The exception might be if the produce some sort of "legacy" group

  2. hey-- what kind of pedals are on that bike???

  3. Larry's still NOT a fan of electronic controls and hopes like hell Fai Mao is wrong! What is it with the Brits and Italian names? As soon as the guy says "CAM-PAG-NOLO" I cringed and stopped the clip - it's like fingernails on a blackboard. The same guy probably orders "CHEE-ANTY" wine at his local "EYE-TALIAN" eatery too.