Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This Weekend's Ride: A Little 200-Mile Spin Through Northern California

Those of you who follow the exploits of the CampyOnlyGuy know that we've been doing long distance riding for a while (actually, since our first double century ride in 1983). This weekend, we'll be at it again, riding the 200-mile Knoxville Fall Classic Double Century.

On Knoxville-Berryessa Road
Completing Knoxville will be an accomplishment in itself (think miles of uphill, with extended stretches over 10% grade), but it will also keep us at the top of the all-time California Triple Crown completion list. Yes, your CampyOnlyGuy remains the only rider to complete the CTC every year that the competition has been offered--22 years so far, and 23 after Saturday's Knoxville.

If you're on the road in NorCal this weekend (or on the Knoxville DC), please say hello. We're always happy to talk to fellow Campy fans.

We'll post photos from the ride (and hopefully some video, too) when we're done.


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