Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Campagnolo Launches Official History Site

Campagnolo has launched an official company history site, finally bringing photos from the company's historical archives to the web.
It's nice to see Campagnolo take more of an interest in their own history--the company has tended to be forward-looking, preferring to focus on the latest and newest in their online offerings. And while many of the images are iconic and have been widely distributed in print and on the web (like the photo of Gino Bartali above, wrestling with his Cambio Corsa as he ascends a mountain pass), there are some new photos that will make fans of Campagnolo history wish their iPad was a time machine.
Take, for instance, this photo of a worker packing up boxes of freshly made parts. What some of us wouldn't do to get our hands on so many NOS parts ...
There are a few glitches--a photo showing rows of newly made Record pedals that's labeled as a photo of newly made hubs--but we'll gladly overlook them.
Congratulations to Campagnolo for this new resource. Here's hoping they continue to expand it and add more photos. (They do have more photos, don't they?)

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