Friday, April 26, 2013

Possible Trade: My Richard Sachs for Your René Herse or Alex Singer

Thought I would throw out this idea--I'm interested in acquiring a René Herse or Alex Singer randonneuring bicycle, and if you have one I would be open to trading my near-mint-condition Richard Sachs for your bicycle.
You can find lots of detailed photos of my Sachs here. Color is the super-bright Sachs team red with creme panels and yellow details (the photo above doesn't do it justice).
With a few exceptions, the bike is the same as shown above. The crankset is now a Chorus carbon UltraTorque, wheels are Khamsin G3s, and the saddle is a Brooks B17 Titanium. Everything is in excellent mechanical condition, ready to ride and enjoy. I can of course send any interested party the full particulars.
My Sachs is a 57cm. Your bike (if you're interested in trading) would have to be the same size or nearly so.
I'm not interested in trading frames--I'm looking for a complete bike, ready to ride a brevet series. An older bike would be OK, so long as it's not a museum piece that wouldn't be up to the stress of riding long distances.
So ... If you happen to have a Herse or Singer and would be interested in considering a trade, let's talk. I can be reached at campyonlyguy [at] me [dot] com.

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