Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unique Items for Sale, 4-1-09

From one of our email lists:

To: Davis Bike Club Date: April 1st

I have come into possession of some unique historical Campagnolo bicycle parts and wanted to give DBC members first choice before I put the stuff on EBAY.

Item 1: Campagnolo "Cinque"" crankset. The Crankset has rings of 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 teeth. Used with a rear cog of 50 teeth this gave the bike a low gear of 5 inches. This prototype was developed by Tullio Campagnolo for use by the Italian Army during WW2. Since fuel was in such short supply, these were to be used by cyclists riding special Military Bicycles towing tanks over the Alps to save gas. The story is that the Italian Army drafted Fausto Coppi to ride one of the test bicycles. good, slightly worn condition. some pasta staining. $300.00

Item 2. Campagnolo Pedali Parmesano. circa 1952 These were developed by Tullios not so smart brother Fredo. The idea behind these was that if you were out for a long ride, and ran short on food you could break off a part of the pedal and eat it. The hard cheese actually worked quite well in gripping the soles of that era. 1 pair 9/16 thread, some mold $100.00

Item 3. Campagnolo "Scoop Del Gelato" circa 1976. Most people know that Campy ocasionally makes non bicycle related items. This is a finely machined ice cream tool capable of dispensing 5 different size scoops. To change the scoop size, a Campy Record shift lever and rear derailleur of the era were used in the mechanism. Unfortunately these tended to clog easily and people complained about the taste of the derailleur oil contaminating their Gelato. Some rust, the derailleur is jammed up with pistachios.

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