Friday, June 11, 2010

First, Ultra-Torque. Now, Power-Torque

Campagnolo has published news of their latest crankset design on the official site, at

As shown below, Power-Torque replaces the split bottom bracket axle from Ultra-Torque with a one-piece design that the lefthand crankarm clamps onto (similar to ShimaNO's latest designs, but without those godawful allen bolts holding the crankarms on).

At the link above, you'll also find news about the new Centaur and Veloce 10S gruppos, under the heading "More than 10" (wouldn't "more than ten" be "eleven"?)

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  1. I disagree with them of the usefulness of a triple crank. There are many places in the world, not all of them remote where you cannot find an 11 speed chain. The durability of the 11 speed cogs and their cost are also strikes against them.

    Campagnolo needs to realize that not everyone can or wants to spend huge amounts of money on these items. A large segment of the cycling population is would find these components inappropriate for what they do.

    What a great way to continue losing market share and marginalizing your company Campy!

  2. CampyOnlyGuy is still stuck on 9-speed. Just can't see making the investment in Ergo levers, derailleurs, cogs, crankset, and chain just for one more speed.