Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today's Bike: 1986 Pinarello

Lots of chrome-plated goodness on Steve B's '86 Pinarello! He writes,

"1986 Pinarello Record. In the Yellow, Red, White and Blue colors to commemorate Alexi Grewal's 1984 Olympic Victory. Mostly Chorus. Super Record front derailleur. Forgive me with the lame break levers. At the time I was thinking about brake lever shifters, but never bought any, I used these until I made my decision. Then this bike went into storage for the last 15 years. Just took it out today.
Steve B"

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  1. I had this same bike when I was a kid and still have the frame but had all the paint removed because I was going to re-paint it way back when and never got around to it.
    Now I am, I am having Joe Bell do it. These are great photos. Would you be able to post more or send me more photos of your bike. Close ups of the frame and the the head badge.
    My email is "ron.czarnecki@gmail.com"