Friday, July 2, 2010

Official Details on the 2011 Campagnolo Gruppos

It's only July, but we have the official details on the 2011 gruppos. There's a ton of info in this super-detailed gruppo-by-gruppo listing.

Some of the news:
  • Record 11-speed gets a new red logo
  • Upper and lower bodies of the Record rear derailleur will be carbon fiber
  • New geometry for the front derailleur (which promises better shifting)
  • Reworked internals on the Record and Chrous Ergo levers
  • X.P.S.S. shifting on cranksets--eXtreme Performance Shifting System
  • Inner ring on the Record crankset is now threaded to accept the chainring bolts
  • Lighter UltraTorque axle for Record
  • New brake pads for Record
  • White and red Ergo lever hoods and cables available as an option
  • Titanium UltraTorque axle available as an option for Record
  • New graphics and a "full black" option for Chorus
  • New Ergo mechanism for Athena
  • Athena gets PowerTorque and Power shifting
  • All-alloy option for Athena adds alloy Ergo levers (great for riders looking for a more traditional look than carbon)
  • All gruppos get lighter
No word yet on pricing.


  1. I noticed a mis-print. Athena had Ultra-Torque, it now gets Power Torque (and Power shift for that matter).

  2. and bar end shifters for TT bikes????

  3. That titanium SR chainset is going to be eye-wateringly expensive. him andLovely, but...Also, I don't go a bundle on the all-black finishes for Record and Chorus. Looks cheap, IMO.

    Nice to see the SR derailleur move to an all carbon-fibre design. They should make the paddle shifters on the SR Ergopowers like that, too.

  4. Hey, I just tried to post on the forum, and it says that my IP address has been blacklisted.

    Oh well, won't be going there again...

  5. Just read about the Super Record inner chainring being 'threatened'. Does this mean the pros will start using Pista chainsets instead !
    Only's meant to say 'threaded' of course !