Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More Campy News

More news about Campagnolo's new EPS battery from the folks at the Daily Peloton: Daily Peloton - Pro Cycling News  News flash for today: the updated battery is now cylindrical!

DP notes that the battery's new design allows it to be installed inside the frame, in the seat, top, or down tubes.

We're scratching our heads here at Campy Only World HQ to figure out how you would get this thing into the top or down tubes without building in a large hole in the tubes ... or sealing it in forever. Yet another reason we're not switching to electronic shifting anytime soon.


  1. Don't scratch your head just remember the three letters OEM.

    I'd bet these are installed in the bike from the factory. That means that the wiring will be factory installed as well. It also means that when the batter ceases to be able to hold a charge the frame will probably be thrown away because it might be a rather difficult engineering feat to put a door in a down tube though maybe possible in a seat tube.

    I wonder how long it will be before aftermarket batteries come out for the Campy and Shi(t)mano electronic shifters? I don't believe it is possible to patent a battery voltage

  2. We'll see about aftermarket batteries. My guess is that EPS is still too much of a niche product to attract attention from the battery makers.

  3. Think, out through the bottom bracket shell region. Placing the battery inside a carbon fibre frame is problematic, those things get autoclaved to cure the epoxy in almost all cases.

  4. By now you know how this works? Watching Dan Large of Campagnolo NA demonstrate this installation had me thinking of someone doing the old "ship in a bottle" project. Not something high on my wish-list, but at least they're still doing mechanical stuff. One wonders when/if the electronic stuff will ever replace mechanical entirely?