Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Electronic Gruppo Coming to Eurobike?

We're hearing rumors that Campagnolo's electronic shifting gruppo will finally be available for sale as part of the 2011 lineup. Rumor has it that the long-awaited electronic system will be premiered for selected industry insiders at Eurobike. No word yet on whether it will be released as 10S or 11S, or what the price will be. (We've predicted here for years that Campagnolo will sell every single electronic gruppo they sell, regardless of price--there are that many cash-rich Campy fans out there.)

Campagnolo's electronic gruppo has been dangling in front of the cycling world like a carrot on a stick for almost a decade, disappearing for a while before resurfacing at some obscure Belgian road race long enough to keep the rumors going. Needless to say, the Campy Only staff is not holding its collective breath.

... And before we leave the subject, we ask again: Why? Why introduce the weight and inconvenience of batteries into the shifting equation? Who will benefit, other than a professional racer, who has a mechanic to keep the batteries charged and who might benefit from being able to shift in a sprint a tiny bit easier than with a regular system? Time will tell.

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  1. Eric,

    A bit of an unusual Campy Equipped bike. This is a Vitus Stag with antique Campy Mountain Bike Derailleurs and Bullet Shifters

  2. If DI2 is any indication, everyone benefits. Initial setup at the shop is a pain, but otherwise the rest of the system is totally worry-free indefinitely. My shop has send out better than a dozen DI2 bikes, and only one has come back with any problems (and some we haven't seen in over a year!), and that was because we mounted the battery in a "bento box" on the top tube and the customer (an elite triathlete) sweat so much that he corroded the connections on the battery. Hardly his fault. Anyway, I hope Campagnolo can bring something interesting to the table, because while I love Campy, DI2 shifts so perfectly that I sincerely believe it's the future of bicycle components. Obviously Campy knows this too, which is why they're releasing it to a waiting public.

  3. Campagnolo has to come out with an electronic group. Di2 risks eating into the elite group market that Campa has always regarded as its own.

    Very curious about a new Campa group... hopefully they will announce something this year.

  4. Reason for Electronic Shifting: MULTIPLE SHIFT POINTS!!!!!!! DUH! I want shifting on the brake hoods like we have now, and on my mass start legal aero bars. Then I can be aero and shift while on the bars. This is the KILLER app for electronic shifting! Watch all Pros go for this setup. Better for breakaways. Once one does it and wins a stage or two, the rest of the racing sheep will have them, then the whole peleton, then everyone in your local group ride. Just a matter of time. So stop whinning about what good is electronic shifting. Multiple shift points is the answer!

  5. It's here!

  6. Here is some other pictures:

  7. "who has a mechanic to keep the batteries charged"

    Gee, if you keep your cell phone charged, I would think that you could keep this charged also...