Thursday, February 21, 2013

Campagnolo to Release 80th Anniversary Gruppo

Campagnolo is releasing an 80th Anniversary Gruppo to mark the anniversary of the company's founding in 1933. Here's a photo ... plenty more photos and info here. No pricing info yet, and no word on how many will be released.

Reflecting the company's expansion in recent years into wheelsets, there will also be official 80th Anniversary wheels.  We here at Campy Only are pleased to note that this gruppo relies on tried-and-true cable-actuated shifting.

True Campy fans will recall the release of the 50th Anniversary gruppo. Learn more about that iconic groupset here.


  1. Larry finds it strange that they skipped 75 years and did this at 80, 30 years after the 50th groupset. But who cares, these will be snapped up quickly though they might not reach the status of the coveted 50th group. Compare what those sell for now with the 25th anniversary groupset produced by the Big S awhile can buy those nowadays at a hefty discount from their original price tag!

  2. I think the reason to skip the 75 year mark was that the components were in a state of transition at that time. I think Campagnolo was looking at the new cranks with integrated bottom brackets and moving to 11 speed five years ago and didn't want to introduce an anniversary group set that was already "obsolete"

    I think it would be cool if Campagnolo would still produce a "Heritage" group with the old NR cranks with a 7 speed freewheel and DT shifters. I realize they see themselves as making the best racing equipment but it really wouldn't hurt them to give more than a nod to their history. I also think they could sell 3 to 5 thousand retro-groups a year world wide