Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nicoletti Update

We're finding out a little more about the classic Nicoletti bicycle we acquired over the weekend.

Alfredo Nicoletti, son of the man who built the bicycle, was kind enough to respond to our email seeking information about the bicycle:


I'm Alfredo Nicoletti, excuse my terrible english.

The story of this bike (the first and the second) and the American student you know is correct, I remember it very well, my father made, I was 7 or 8!

The frame is out size (the boy was quite tall), year is 1960 or 1959, you are right: front wheel is not original and pedals and bell too, but it is a great bike.

I stopped building bikes two years ago, now I restore vintage bikes and collect Campagnolo parts, if you were in Italy I should be happy to set non original parts but I think it is complicated.
If you want to know something else about this bike ask me: I'll be happy to answer.


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