Friday, February 22, 2013

Lee Mitchell Needs Our Support

Lee Mitchell, who has supported thousands of riders on California's ultra cycling circuit, is fighting cancer.

Now, he needs our support.

Join Lee's California Triple Crown Fan Club Page and let him know how many friends he has in the cycling community.

Cards and letters of support can be sent to:

Lee Mitchell
26 Clark Ct.
Woodland, CA 95776

Lee has helped Campy Only out of a tight spot or two over the years. He's a great guy, and he has our best wishes for a successful recovery.

1 comment:

  1. There have been so many, many rides over the years where Lee has lent his characteristic, enthusiastic and unselfish support. I have seen him guiding riders in the pre-dawn hours, driving that iconic red van - music blaring in the mid day and there still after dark, picking up the weary and encouraging the determined.
    Lee is one of the last, genuine good guys and the world is a better place thanks to his kindness.
    Wishing him a thorough recovery and hoping that he feels the support of the community of cyclists to whom he has so graciously given!!