Saturday, February 9, 2013

No News Is ... Campagnolo?

Ever notice how little news there is about Campagnolo? We have.

Campagnolo the Restaurant?
For instance, a quick Google search for new about "Campagnolo" this morning found a few stories, but  four of the top five hits (including #s 1-4) weren't about Campagnolo the bicycle company at all. It wasn't until hit #5 that Campagnolo showed up at all, and only then because a broken Campagnolo derailleur was mentioned in a story. None of the articles on the first page of Google's listings were actually "news" from the company.

ShimaNO, by comparison, shows up much more frequently. All ten of the top ten items were about ShimaNO the bicycle company, and four of those stories dealt with ShimaNO's products.

What's the deal with Campagnolo and the news? The company is famously controlling regarding its image, but we wonder why they don't put out a little more effort to spread the word about their products.

Your thoughts on this? Please let us know in the comments.

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